The event organisers call it “the world’s ultimate luxury lifestyle super show,” but we just know it as a one-stop shop for the world’s craziest gadgets and toys.

Big Boys Toys returns to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from November 18 to 21 featuring 200 local, regional and international exhibitors’ biggest (and did we mention, most expensive) items that make James Bond and Tony Stark’s gadget collection combined look pitiful.

Here’s a sneak peek at the wackiest on show…

1. The Batmobile (Dhs3m)


One of popular culture’s biggest boy toys: Batman’s ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile will be on show – and for sale – at this year’s Big Boys Toys. Inspired by the vehicle made famous by Christian Bale’s Caped Crusader trilogy, the Dhs3m ‘Tumbler’ boasts a V8, 5.7 litre Chevrolet Corvette engine and propane tanks which shoot fire.

2. The Schiller S1-C (Dhs24,500)


Who says you have to choose between a morning kayak and a leisurely cycle? Why not combine the two and hop aboard(?) The Schiller S1-C. This wacky product lets riders literally cycle on water. Designed for use on both fresh water lakes and coastal seas, the S1-C uses inflatable pontoons and a revolutionary propulsion system to provide sustained speeds of seven-to-eight kilometres per hour and top speeds in excess of 11 kilometres per hour. You can pick one up for an easy Dhs24,500.

3. River’s Tone speakers (Dhs9m)


Rub your eyes as much as you want, but that won’t change the fact the price for this pair of speakers from Japanese firm Valorado is a cool Dhs33m (US$9m). If we owned them, we’d almost be scared to use the speakers for their intended purpose out of fear that we might do some damage and have to come up with another sizeable chunk of cash to replace them. So what makes this an expensive pair of speakers? It’s just a hunch, but we reckon it has something to do with the 60kgs of gold, the diamond encrusted surface, and the fact there’s only one in the world…

4. Baby seal robot (Dhs20,000)

More from Japan and ‘PARO’ – a baby seal robot first developed for robot therapy in 1993 – is also Abu Dhabi-bound. More than 3,500 PARO robots are currently at work in hospitals and care facilities in over 30 countries. Used as an alternative to animal therapy, the clinically proven product aids Autism and dementia patients, and alleviates mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and loneliness. They are also really, really, really cute.

5. UFO rocking chair (Dhs78,000)


Abu Dhabi-based Le Vault showed us its signature U.F.O lounge rocking chair – a carbon fibre product with a handmade leather seat inspired by the space capsules that withstand extreme temperatures on re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere. Not sure why you’d need that in Dubai, but hey they’re super comfy.

6. One-of-a-kind Harley Davidson V-Rod (Dhs500,000)


This year’s event will feature a number of customised motorcycles including this one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson V-Rod with the largest front (260mm) and rear (360mm) tyres ever installed. Built in Abu Dhabi by 86 Cycles, the motorcycle will go on sale at Big Boys Toys 2015 for Dhs500,000.

7. Halal champagne (Dhs700)

halal champagne

It’s not impossible to get your buzz on in the UAE, but since laws are pretty stringent, this new extravagant indulgence is hoping to strike lucky in the UAE. Lussory uses grapes from the northwest of Spain and combines it with a special German technique to remove all traces of alcohol. Did we mention, it also has edible 24-carat gold flakes in it for no apparent reason?

Other activities at Big Boys Toys this year…

Ever wanted to drive a supercar but felt like you were missing a million for the privilege? Big Boys Toys 2015 will hold a ‘Super Car Test Drive Pit’, where car enthusiasts over the age of 21 holding a valid driving license can test drive from a selection of over 50 super slick and lightning fast supercars. Get ready to look this cool, for about one block…


18 to 21 November
Tickets start at Dhs50 and can be purchased via