If you’ve ever wondered what the future of gaming was going to look like, well, this is probably it.

In the world of virtual reality, what once seemed like a futuristic fantasy only a couple of years ago, has since been brought to life. Also, it looks like virtual reality gaming is going to be made easily available to the public in Dubai soon.

– Dubai firefighters to get jetpacks

Aurora Gaming, a UAE-based company who launched in 2014, hope to open up their new venue by the end of January next year. The 300sqm lounge will be located in Downtown, and will feature active, racing and seated virtual reality (VR) experiences. Through the use of omni-directional treadmills, tracking devices and racing seat setups, the user will be permitted full immersion in whatever experience they desire.

If tech lingo like ‘omni-directional treadmill’ or the concept of VR baffles you, here’s a quick look at one of the many services Aurora hopes to make available to the masses:

Also, once the lounge is built, those not looking to play video games can also go for a virtual walk in the forest, a virtual trek on Mars, or just hang out with some virtual dinosaurs for the afternoon. With an array of uses ranging from sports, to art to business and educational, the possible applications virtual reality will provide us with are extensive and revolutionary.

Half an hour at the Aurora’s Virtual Reality Gaming Lounge will cost you Dhs60, with discount deals available depending on how many hours you decide to buy at the counter. Each session will also be recorded, so you can re-watch your experience afterwards and have a chuckle about how silly you look.

The lounge will also come equipped with a store and a social area, with the store giving enthusiasts the chance to purchase any of the VR equipment they’ve just been playing with. The social area consists of sofas and a large screen, which will stream footage from other players (potentially embarassing?).

Here’s a sneak peek as to what the store will look like…