The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai is installing CCTV cameras in its taxis in a bid to monitor the performance of drivers and improve general security and experience.

As part of the pilot programme, an unknown number of official RTA taxis have been equipped with three small cameras according to an official who spoke to Gulf News. The aim of the cameras is to increase security, while also providing a firm narrative for drivers and passengers in case of dispute.

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One of the cameras will be in the centre mirror of the vehicle, pointed only on the driver. The other two will be at the front and rear of the taxi, but on the outside of the taxi. This means that none of the cameras will be pointing toward the passenger while they’re sitting in the car.

The CCTV cameras have a direct feed to the control centre.

Dubai Taxi - how to order a taxi in DubaiTwo of the cameras will be on the outside of the car.

“The installation of cameras in taxis is a project under trial. The project has been ongoing over the past six months. Until now a few taxis have been equipped and we are testing the system with different types of cameras to get the best results,” Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, CEO, Public Transport Agency, RTA, told Gulf News.

Whether all taxis will soon be required to get cameras, including those run by franchises, has yes to be decided.

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