Get a further glimpse of Dubai Safari in this new Instagram video.

Dubai Safari will replace the often-criticised Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach Road by the end of this year.

The park, which is near Dragon Mart in Al Warqa, will be home to 10,000 animals from around the world, with Dubai Municipality saying there will be 350 species of animals, some rare and endangered.

Yesterday, Dubai Municipality posted this Instagram video (click on the image to play) that shows the construction from above and gives us a glimpse of what it will begin to look like when finished:

The good news is that the Dhs1 billion safari park-zoo will be over 119 hectares (to put that into perspective, the very famous San Diego Zoo is just 40 hectares).

Animal-wise, the park will be split into a safari village, an Arabian village, an Asian village and an African village. There will also be a butterfly park, a botanical garden and educational and veterinary facilities.

While slated for opening in 2016, the exact date hasn’t been revealed yet – we’ll let you know as soon as it has.

Here’s how the park will be laid out: dubai safari

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Photos: Dubai Municipality.