From the marble streets to concrete plonked in the middle of the desert, a pro-skater finds out where to skate in Dubai.

Skate Of Mind is a video series that hones in on skate culture around the world, and the latest vid travels around the UAE – from Dubai to Al Ain and Abu Dhabi – to discover how we do here in the Emirates.

Czech pro-skater Maxim Habanec travelled to the UAE to discover more about skate culture here with the help of local skaters Jan Hoffman and Mark Issa.

They go to Downtown, to the Taskheel Bowl, to the Abu Dhabi Corniche and to Dubai’s Memorial Fountain, among other places.

The whole video is bathed in the golden light that’s so recognisable in the UAE. As the video creators themselves say, “insane terrain meets the light and shade of the landscape in this clip”.

Here it is:

The lads were obviously here before the skatepark was opened on Kite Beach, as they definitely would have visited it…