Watch your step! There’s some seriously mind-boggling 3D art along The Walk at The Dubai Canvas Festival.

When it comes to appreciating 3D street art it’s mostly a matter of perspective – look at a street artist’s design from one angle and it appears flat and distorted, but from another the illustration comes alive.

This is exactly what you’ll see at the second Dubai Canvas Festival taking place at The Walk this March, where celebrated artists from around the world are taking to the pavement to paint one-of-a-kind, giant optical illusions during daily live performance for the public, free of charge.

Thirty artists are jetting in from near and far for the second edition, including world-famous artist and inventor of 3D pavement art Kurt Wenner. The American has been playing with perspective and depth perception to create his mind-bending and intricate 3D art on the streets since 1984. Wenner is expected to create three paintings, which will be joined along a two-kilometre stretch of JBR by about 60 other pieces.

Here are just 10 of the incredible works of art on display:

1. A winter wonderland

 2. Horses gallop towards a cliff-drop


3. A man and his stallion.


4. An ode to the upcoming Dubai World Cup, perhaps?


5. A flying car above the clouds.


6. Machu Picchu spotted along JBR. 


7. An orca pops its head out of the water.


8. A glimpse of life under the sea.


9. A canvas that’s completely out of this world.


10. Many of the artworks are still under construction, but you can catch the artists painting their canvases throughout the next two weeks.


March 1 to 14
The Walk, Jumeriah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, Dubai, free. Tel: (04) 3833333. Taxi: The Walk, JBR.