The Dubai International Boat Show kicks off this week with a fleet of fancy yachts for sale as well as a selection of the coolest water-based gizmos and gadgets. 

Here are our top five favourite things to see at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show. Better start saving your dirhams…

1. C-Explorer 3

If you’re not in the mood for getting your clothes all wet, not to worry. The U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 3 submersible can take you and two buddies down to a depth of 300m for up to 16 hours. This thing’s even got air-con too, and can be equipped with a number of tools on its arms, ranging from HD cameras, to high-intensity lights, manipulator arms and more.


2. Seabob F5 S

Find swimming a bit too mainstream? Then the Seabob F5 S is right up your swim-lane. Whether you’re just looking to bomb about, or are using one to speed up a scuba dive – the Seabob F5 S is completely emission free and easy to handle.


3. Wave Boat 656

If there’s one problem with most speedboats, it’s that they’re usually too small to park your jetski on the back. The Wave Boat 656 seems to have addressed this problem, by simply allowing you to just clip it in. The jetski thus becomes the powerhouse of the whole boat, and can be unclipped when anchored for a quick sesh.


4. Quadrofoil

It kind of looks like a souped-up soapbox car, and it’s about as eco-friendly as one too. The Quadrofoil is equipped with an all-electric outboard motor, so not a single drop of oil enters the environment. It costs only Dhs4 per hour to run, and has very few annual maintenance costs. No waves, no noise and no emissions. Plus it looks rad.

5. The Kormoran

Quite possibly the most James Bond-esque piece of kit that you’ll find at the boat show, the Kormoran can literally transform itself into six different shapes: monohull, catamaran, trimaran, ‘bathing mode’, ‘flight mode’ and night mode. Unfortunately, flight mode doesn’t mean wings will pop out the side, it just means that the boat’s hydrofoil pops out, lifting the entire boat out of the water when at speed.

The Dubai International Boat show takes place from March 1 to 5 at Dubai International Marine Club Mina Seyahi from 3pm to 9.30pm. Tickets cost Dhs60 and children under 12 enter for free. Check out for more.

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