Some people lost a lot in the floods on Wednesday, but the Dubai community is banding together to help them out.

In many Dubai suburbs Wednesday’s rain was really not a big deal, but due to the hilly nature of Jebel Ali, many homes in Jebel Ali Village were filled with water after mudslides ran into the properties.

Around 21 villas were affected in the community that has around 200 homes, but 12 were hit really very badly. For those who live in these 12 villas, most of their possessions were ruined and their houses are now unlivable.


But, over the weekend, in true Dubai community spirit, about 600 people got involved to help these families out.

“Everyone’s really stepped up, the support’s amazing. It’s overwhelming really,” said one Jebel Ali resident that’s organising the effort.



Over the weekend the families received many, many small donations of old clothes and the like – with other people from Jebel Ali Village driving around all weekend to pick these offerings up. Plus, local Indian food spot Curry Box provided the food to keep the volunteers and families happy and full.

But what the families need now are vouchers from companies and shops so that they can go out and get what they really need and want and miss – from white goods to paint to replacing beloved toys.

These are the kind of shops that the people organising the volunteer drives are looking for vouchers from:

– Electrical shops

– Furniture shops

– Landscape garden companies

– Furniture cleaning companies

– Hardware stores

– Clothes shops

Are you a person or a company that wants to offer assistance? All you need to do is email and tell them what you’ve got to offer. 

Go the people of Dubai, let’s help these families out!

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Photos: Supplied