Some tourists visiting Abu Dhabi will get a free holiday if it rains while they’re here (but just over the summer)…

There are many things that ruin a holiday – being sick, losing your passport, being robbed. A bit of rain, however? We could look past that.

But one UAE holiday company clearly feels so confident about Abu Dhabi’s sunny status, that they’re saying they’ll give travellers from the UK a free holiday of equal value to their Abu Dhabi break if it rains more than 5mm while they’re in the UAE.

Confident stuff, considering the hundreds of millimetres of rain across the UAE on Wednesday March 9 alone. That said, the rain from a few weeks ago was really a once-in-a-year event, and the ‘guaranteed sunshine’ deal is only valid for travel between May 1 and September 30, which is hardly the UAE’s rainy season.

abu-dhabi-beach-1The blue skies Abu Dhabi is known for 

The deal applies only to those booking a flight- and hotel-inclusive package, and visitors will have to experience more than 5mm of rain while here (so a super quick mini shower won’t cut it).

The best bet for the free holiday would be in May, when according to World Weather Online the average monthly rainfall is 3.8mm. The average monthly rainfall in June and July is 0mm – yes, as in nil, so that’s not a good option, while in August and September it’s 1.5mm and 1.3mm respectively.

Some of the hotels the company offers as part of its holiday packages are Centro Yas Island Hotel and the St Regis Hotel.

So, if you’re wandering around Abu Dhabi when it happens to rain this summer and you see tourists jumping for joy in the puddles, you now know why…

Find out more about the deal on the UK Etihad Holidays Site.