The dressing rooms are being furnished, the construction’s nearly done. Here’s more on where the Dubai Opera project stands today…

Anyone who walks around Downtown Dubai regularly will have seen Dubai Opera slowly taking shape over the past two years.

The 2,000 capacity theatre will be Dubai’s first multi-format performing arts space, and Emaar has confirmed that it will be open this year.

As a reminder of just how much work has gone into Dubai Opera, here’s a just-released timelapse that shows its progress:

The space right next to Burj Park in Downtown Dubai won’t just host opera, you’ll also find ballet, musicals, classical music, theatre, comedy, rock, pop, jazz and more inside its walls.

Here’s a sneak peak of what it will look like inside: dubai-opera

Architecturally, the striking building pays homage to the traditional dhow, but the space will also complement Dubai’s future – boosting the city’s plan to be a “happy, creative and empowered” city by 2021.

dubai opera


– The shows put on there will be very diverse: Jasper Hope, the Chief Executive of Dubai Opera, told Emirates World that “it can’t be seen as something that’s elitist”.

He went on to explain his goals: “My overarching ambition is to make sure that the people who live and work in Dubai find something almost every night of the year that will appeal to them.” He said a typical month would consist of an opera or a ballet, as well as plays and musical theatre and concerts too (from Arabic to Chinese music).

dubai opera

– Unlike most venues, the Dubai Opera is very flexible – almost half of the seats can be removed (almost automatically), revealing a flat floor that can host events for 1,000 people. Also, the technology of the stage means it can host a classical acoustic concert as well as beautifully as it could a play.

– At the interval you’ll be able to look out and watch the Dubai Fountain show (apparently the view from the venue is pretty spectacular).

dubai opera

– The main auditorium will mostly host shows at night (although there will be a matinee or two), but the building itself will be open during the day (we’ll bring you more on what you’ll be able to do there before dark soon).

dubai opera

Hear more from Jasper Hope, who is heading the project and used to manage the Royal Albert Hall in London, here:

Here are a selection of images from Dubai residents of the venue as it looks at the moment: dubai-opera-story

And check it out, even the dressing rooms are starting to take shape:

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