Take a POV ride on the brand new Flying Aces attraction at Ferrari World.  

The brand new bi-plane themed roller coaster currently terrifying visitors at Ferrari World is (unsurprisingly) a multi-record breaker. It’s a 90 second attack on the senses that sees riders hurtle up and down the world’s tallest loop while reaching speeds of up to 120kmph. What’s On heads to Yas Island for a closer look…

Check out the video below to see a front row POV:

Similar to Disneyland in the US, experiencing Ferrari World’s new Flying Aces ride begins at the queuing area which has been transformed into a barracks bunker complete with sandbags, trenches, dimly lit sleeping quarters and impressive visual effects of bi-planes soaring overhead.

The theme of Flying Aces takes riders back in time to the origins of the famous Ferrari logo – the prancing horse emblem. The WW1 ace pilot Count Francesco Baracca painted the horse on his planes to bring him luck. Later Enzo Ferrari inherited the logo in the hope it would also bring him luck.

Flying Aces Ferrari World

Arriving at the docking station, we hopped on the front row of the canary yellow plane – and waited to get strapped in. It’s dark and a large shutter keeps the element of surprise just that little bit longer.

Flying Aces Ferrari World

As the countdown commences, the shutter opens and no more than 5 feet away is the start of a near vertical climb, aiming straight for the clouds. With one firm jolt, we make our way up the world’s fastest cable lift on the steepest incline lift on the planet. Hearts race and palms sweat.

Our eyes are squeezed shut as we plummet back to earth before flying across the Ferrari World themepark bound for the all important giant loop – a gargantuan 52 metre-high loop that twists you upside down at the top. The ride continues, twisting and turning over gravity-defying loops and swoops.

Flying Aces Ferrari World

Flying Aces might look cool and calm from the viewing deck but it’s a hair-raising, pant-wetting ride that will leave your eyes tearing.

After a heart-pounding 90 seconds of somersaults, overhangs, and twists and turns, we arrive back at the docking station, ready to ride again.

Ferrari World, Yas Island, daily 11am to 8pm, Dhs350 (adults), Dhs305 (children). Tel:(02) 4968000. ferrariworldabudhabi.com