Al Ain Zoo has been extended, and tomorrow the world’s largest man-made safari park will open its doors there…

A safari park with 250 wild animals will open in Al Ain Zoo on Wednesday. Visit it and you’ll be able to spot lions, zebras, giraffes and antelopes out in the open.

Spread over 217 hectares, it’s the world’s largest man-made safari park (to put it into perspective, it’s the size of about 217 rugby fields).

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The African-style safari will mean guests will be able to go out on a driving tour with an Emirati guide – each tour lasts for about an hour and costs Dhs200 per person. You can also book an entire Nissan Patrol (minus the driver’s seat) for Dhs1,000 a group.

While the new safari emulates an African savannah, there are plans to expand the safari part of Al Ain Zoo – with an Arabian and Asian safari and an elephant sanctuary coming up. They aim to have around 400 animals in the park by the end of the expansion.

Here are some videos of the animals arriving (click to play):

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Also opening at Al Ain Zoo this week is the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre: the 12,500 square metre centre will highlight the efforts to preserve the UAE environment, while also offering insights into the desert and its flora and fauna.

Here’s a glimpse of what that looks like…

Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain, daily 4pm to 10pm. Tel: (03) 7992000.

Photos: Instagram/AlAinZooUAE