Honey’s good for you, right? Well yes, but the Ministry of Health has discovered three brands on Dubai shelves that could actually harm your health.

The UAE Ministry of Health has pulled three brands of honey from shelves across the country, completely banning their sale after discovering the honey products contained ‘tadalafil’.

Tadalafil is a substance mainly found in pills that work to promote blood flow to different parts of the body, it’s particularly found in male performance enhancing drugs. It’s clearly been added to these honey brands as honey doesn’t naturally contain the substance.

Rather dangerously however, it can also cause a strong decrease in blood pressure and can be harmful for heart patients and diabetics.

The three banned brands are Youth Royal Honey, VIP Royal Honey and Bio-Herbs Royal King Honey. The Ministry of Health released these photos of the packaging of the banned honey:

royal honey

“With the growing phenomenon of sale of dietary supplements, the Ministry of Health and Prevention finds it necessary to warn and alert the public not to use these products, which put their lives at risk,” Dr Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for public health told Arabic daily Al Bayan. 

Other, less serious side effects of Tadalafil include cold symptoms, headache, memory problems, diarrhea and muscle pain.

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