The government discussed the growing trend of Emirati men marrying foreign women at a meeting yesterday. Here’s what they had to say…

More and more Emiratis are marrying foreigners, so much so that the UAE’s Federal National Council have formed a special committee to look into the trend.

At an official meeting yesterday Hamad Al Rahoomi, a member of the Federal National Council (FNC), said he thinks the trend could “affect the national identity” in the UAE.

Statistics show that more Emiratis (particularly Emirati men) have been marrying foreign nationals.

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According to The National Al Rahoomi said that of the 7,401 marriages across the country in 2014, 2,159 involved citizens marrying expatriate women. The trend was particularly prevalent in Dubai according to Al Rahoomi.

hAMAHamad Al Rahoomi during yesterday’s FNC meeting. Photo: Twitter/FNC_UAE

He asked that research be done to find out how many of the mixed-nationality marriages end in divorce, and what happened to the children after divorce.

“If Emirati men marry expats, then who will the Emirati women get married to?” asked Al Rahoomi during his speech.

“I want to ask the Marriage Fund what they are doing about the growing trend?” he asked. “Are the trends being analysed and are solutions being found?”

What’s the Marriage Fund, you ask? It grants allowances to Emirati couples for their weddings and to start their marriage, a part of that includes marriage counselling.

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As a result of the discussions a committee of 10 FNC members has now been set up to look into the mixed-nationality marriages.

Ras Al Khaimah council member Mohammed Al Mehrezi mentioned in the meeting that a study should be conducted on “resolving spinsterhood and encouraging polygamy”.

“We prefer to call it late marriage,” speaker Dr Amal Al Qubaisi replied.
federal-national-council The speaker H.E. Al Qubaisi during the meeting. Photo: Twitter/FNC_UAE


The FNC is a 40-strong group of government officials (20 of who are elected) that are tasked with representing the Emirati people and advising on legislature and government decisions.