Petrol is going up again in June, meaning the cost of filling up your tank will have risen month-on-month for three months in a row…

In just a few days a litre of Special 95 will set you back Dhs1.75, a 4.8 per cent increase from the May price of Dhs1.67.

Meanwhile, Super 98 has gone from Dhs1.78 to Dhs1.86 in June, E Plus91 has risen 5 per cent to Dhs1.68 and diesel will be Dhs1.77 in June (it was Dhs1.60 in May).

The UAE’s petrol prices have been linked to the global economy since last summer. For years the price was subsidised by the government. This shielded consumers in the country from global fluctuations in the cost of petrol, but the subsidies were removed on August 1 2015, and UAE consumers now pay rates based on average global prices.

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There were seven months of steady declines in petrol prices from August 2015 to March 2016, but we’ve now seen three months of increases due to rebounding oil prices. A barrel of Brent crude reached USD50 a barrel for the first time this year last Thursday, meaning an almost doubling of prices since 12-year lows this January.

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August 2015
Dhs2.14 a litre
September 2015
Dhs1.96 a litre
October 2015
Dhs1.79 a litre
November 2015
Dhs1.70 a litre
December 2015
Dh1.68 a litre
January 2016
Dhs1.58 a litre
February 2016
Dhs1.47 a litre
March 2016
Dhs1.36 a litre
April 2016
Dhs1.51 per litre
May 2016 
Dhs 1.67 per litre
June 2016
Dhs1.75 per litre
July 2016? 
We’ll keep you updated…

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