Thinking about adding a big cat or exotic reptile to your home menagerie? Well, you might want to think again…

Proud owners of fur babies take note – the UAE’s Federal National Council are looking to tighten the leash regarding pet licensing in the country.

It’s still a draft law, meaning it hasn’t yet passed, so there’s no need to panic yet.

However, the suggested changes won’t only affect your beloved pup, as a potential ban on the ownership of exotic pets has also been proposed.

The GCC is known world-wide for its wealthier residents keeping extraordinary animals as status symbols, with monkeys, big cats and all forms of reptiles often topping the must-have list.

Remember the escaped lioness found roaming the streets of Barsha 2 earlier this year? Well, the new laws would mean an end to the containment of exotic animals.

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New rules regarding pet ownership:

– Dog owners will be required to buy a licence for their pets and keep them on a leash at all times in public.

– Fines of up to Dhs500,000 and jail sentences of up to six months will be imposed for owners who fail to control their dogs.

– Penalties will also apply to owners who fail to have their dogs vaccinated against diseases.

– Approval to own a dog has to be granted by your property’s land owners.

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New rules regarding exotic pet ownership:

– Only zoos, wildlife parks, circuses, breeding and research centres will be allowed to keep wild or exotic animals.

– Anyone who takes an exotic pet out in public will face fines between Dhs10,000 and Dhs500,000.

– Using an exotic animal to threaten or intimidate others will make you liable for a fine of Dhs700,000 and/or jail time.

– If a person is killed by someone’s exotic animal, the owner can face charges of manslaughter.

– The public are encouraged to report cases of people keeping exotic pets.

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