It might feel as hot as 71 degrees Celsius next month. And yes, unfortunately it will be even more humid…

The UAE’s official weather service, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology, have just released their August weather predictions. These are pretty solid as they are based on decades of weather records. And according to them, here’s what lies ahead…


– Unfortunately it will be a lot more humid in August than it has been in July – the average maximum daily relative humidity will be between 63 and 80 per cent. Meanwhile, taking into account the lower points of humidity, the average relative humidity overall will sit at 47 per cent.

– This means that during days when the humidity is at 80 per cent, the ‘apparent temperature’, which means how hot it actually feels to you, will be 53 degrees Celsius (this is based on the average monthly wind speed of 12 km per hour and the average temperature of 43 degrees, and we calculated it here).

– The highest temperature ever recorded in August was 50.9 degrees Celsius in Saih Al Salem in 2014 (which is 10km southwest of Dubai World Central airport). If there is a similar high this year, and the humidity is at 80 per cent at that point, the apparent ‘felt’ temperature will be a stifling 71.5 degrees Celsius. 

– The average daily temperature will remain between 41 and 43 degrees Celsius (which is similar to the July average).

– The average minimum temperature range will be 29 to 31 degrees Celsius – so yes, even at night it will be in the thirties.

– The breeze will come from the sea during the day, but will tend to come from inland later at night. The average wind speed will be 12 kilometres an hour.

– Meanwhile, the lowest temperature ever recorded in August was in 2013 at Jabal Mebrah in Al Ain – and what was it? A positively chilly (given the month) 16.1 degrees Celsius. 

– There will be more fog in August than July, in fact in 2012 there were nine days of fog in August. Meanwhile, due to the Indian Monsoon there is the increased chance of rain and thunder next month (particularly in areas like Hamim in Abu Dhabi).

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Image: Getty.