A ding on the road can do more than just damage your car – your wallet will often take a hit too.

Those behind a crash can be fined up to Dhs400, Dubai Police have said, including in the case of a single-car accident.

“The fine charged by Dubai Police, which can go up to Dh400, is levied on the motorist responsible for road accidents only,” an official told Gulf News, denying an earlier media reports which said police will charge Dhs400 to inspect the accident site.

According to 14 new police service fees approved by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, it will however cost Dhs100 to have your car removed from the road.

Sheikh Hamdan gave the nod to the fees earlier this year, but the full list of services and their relative cost has only just been released, according to the Khaleej Times.

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Should you lose your accident report, it will now cost you Dhs100 to get a replacement, while there’s also a one-off charge of Dhs150 to issue a traffic certificate.

You need a night permit? That’ll be Dhs100, and another Dhs50 should you lose it.

Transporting vehicles within the emirate will be charged according to their size – car and motorcycles will cost Dhs500, moving heavy trucks will set you back Dhs1,000, while cranes and containers will get a Dhs2,000 bill.

Heavier vehicles also get a larger fee of Dhs200 should they need to be removed from the road.

Here’s a summary of the new police fees:

To get a car removed from the road: Dhs100
To get a heavy truck removed from the road: Dhs200
To keep a heavy truck in a vehicle seizure zone: Dhs100 per day
To issue a traffic certificate: Dhs150
To replace a lost accident report: Dhs100
To issue a night permit: Dhs100
To replace a lost night permit: Dhs50
To issue a to-whom-it-may-concern certificate: Dhs75
To transport a car or motorcycle inside the emirate: Dhs500
To transport heavy trucks inside the emirate: Dhs1,000
To transport cranes and containers inside the emirate: Dhs2,000

*An earlier version of this story quoted a media report saying that police would charge Dhs400 to inspect a crash site. We apologise for the error. 

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