New online retailer Room 206 specialises in independent designers.

Launched in April this year, Room 206 is the brainchild of childhood friends and founders Myriam Soueidi, Lina Konstantinidis and Joyce Amil. Named after their university dorm room, this UAE-based online fashion platform is firmly focused on handmade collections from up-and-coming designers around the world.

What was the inspiration behind Room206?

MS: In recent years, we realised a massive growth in the Dubai fashion scene and in the rise of new talented designers from around the world. We wanted to bring the two together. We wanted to bring brands that were new and distinctive to a market that would appreciate them – and we knew there was no better place to do it than in the UAE.

Why did you go the online route? 

JA: The options online are endless and we wanted our shoppers to browse our collections in the comfort of their own home. Nonetheless, we believe in old ways of shopping too. This is the reason Room 206 indulges in the occasional pop-up shops and fashion events – this allows our customers to interact with our products and appreciate them more.

What is the aesthetic of Room206?

JA: The style is understated and feminine – even when carrying the more rugged/funky/boho brands, all the designs remain true to the feminine aspect of a woman’s outfit.

Why the focus on handmade, limited collections?

JA: During our research phase, my partners and I were expressing our frustration for mass produced products and how everyone ends up wearing the same thing. We also realised that while some stores and online platforms offer unique designs, the quality sometimes failed to impress. This is when we decided to search for beautifully made pieces that we could offer customers looking for well tailored clothes or accessories which were not available everywhere.

Tell us more about the brands you carry? 

MS: Some of the brands we carry include Madame Shoushou – a dreamy, feminine and romantic line of clothes that also offers very unique swimsuit designs. Salt & Pepper does funky, out of the box denims. Nidodileda is the boho chic brand at Room 206 – their “one size fits all” concept works for all women. Milkwhite is the line that offers the classics. It caters to working women as well as lovers of contemporary and simple designs.

What’s next for you?

LK: The sky is the limit. We would like to continue expanding our portfolio and introducing new designers from around the world to the region, including unique men’s selections. A Room 206 shop is an idea we have on the table, however for now, we are quite happy with the virtual space we created for our customers.