Deliveroo offered Dhs1 pizzas at lunchtime today and the demand was very, very high, leaving many people pizza-less.

This Thursday, from 11am to 2pm, Deliveroo sold 1,000 pizzas for a cool Dhs1 each (that’s per pie, not per slice). 

The pizzas were given away on a first-come-first-served basis and sold out at 11.02am.


We tried to order pizzas from two separate companies at 11.04am and kept getting an error that said our order couldn’t be processed.

We were then charged multiple times for the pizzas (three times from one company and two times from another), but didn’t receive an order confirmation.

Twenty minutes later we received an order confirmation for three small margarita pizzas, expected delivery time 12.33pm.

At 1.20pm one small margarita arrived, even though our order confirmation had said three would be coming.

We flipped a coin and one of us had a pizza. The other two went down to the shop to buy a samosa.


Deliveroo says the pizzas sold out in two minutes and that if you were charged and don’t get pizzas you will be reimbursed today.

Basically, if you didn’t get an order confirmation email, it’s unlikely you’re getting a pizza delivery.

Here’s what Deliveroo have said: “Any customers who have received bank authorisation fees will be refunded once cards have been authorised by their banks.”

deliveroo pizza dubai

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The following outlets took part in the Dhs1 pizza delivery…

800 Pizza

Thin-crust pizza that both looks and tastes authentic.

Freedom Pizza

A pizza place that prides itself on being the healthiest version of a takeout pizza around.

Il Café di Roma

An Italian restaurant offering up simple, classic pizza.

Rosso Vivo


One of What’s On’s favourite pizza spots. Their pizza is Neapolitan style – light and crispy with a charred base.

NKD Pizza

Pizza made with fresh ingredients, home-made tomato sauce, free of additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.



A pizza outlet that makes their dough out of 80 per cent water and 20 per cent GMO-free flour – a process that takes 24 hours in order to kill the yeast. Surprisingly delicious.

Riva Ristorante

A casual dining restaurant with an array of artisan pizzas on the menu. Gluten-free pizzas are available on request.

Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck


A restaurant coming from five-starred Michelin chef Heinz Beck, serving up great Italian food with an extensive pizza menu.

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