For seven whole days you’ll be able to use these five-star facilities completely free of charge. Details here…

It’s one of the swankiest gyms in Dubai, and Talise Fitness in the Madinat Jumeirah is opening its doors up to absolutely anyone for a whole week – for free.

From Saturday September 17 to Saturday September 24 the gym will open up its access to the entire gym to absolutely everyone.

Plus, you can just turn up and workout throughout the gym. No need to call ahead. Most classes are on a first-come, first-served basis, however RPM classes need to be booked in advance (but again, they’ll be free of charge).


The facilities include a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, two squash courts and a 6.4 metre rock climbing wall.

Oh, and the showers and changing rooms are five-star-hotel-quality lush (fancy toiletries and all).

The other facilities you’ll get to use include Talise X, an outdoor functional training area; high altitude cycling and the complimentary In Body Analysis programme.

talise-x-facilityThe Talise X outdoor area. 

There’ll also be a special Les Mills Born To Move programme on offer throughout the week that’s designed for children aged two to 12.

born-to-moveA Born To Move class 

And, if you love the gym so much you want to become a member anyone who signs up for a membership during the week will get five personal training sessions completely free, plus a dinner for two at Hannaya, the international restaurant at Mina A Salam. What about the prices? Well they don’t diclose rack membership rates, but they’re definitely a more expensive option.

While the September fitness class schedule isn’t out yet, here’s the August one to give you an idea of what’s on offer…

talise-scheduleWe recently tried Talise X with Sergey and loved it. It’s a circuit-style class and very fast paced (hard work, but fun, would definitely recommend).

Talise Fitness, Madinat Jumeirah. Free, September 17 to September 24. Tel: (04) 366 6821. More info on website. 

Photos: Instagram/FitterStronger & Instagram/TaliseFitness