Many of you may already be back at work, but the Eid celebrations aren’t over…

If you live near JBR you’ve probably heard the roar of fireworks at 8.30pm every night since Sunday. If you haven’t yet seen the display the good news is that you haven’t missed out: the fireworks will happen for three more nights.

Why? Just to celebrate Eid Al Adha. Remember, the public sector is still on holiday, and will be back at work on Sunday 18 September after a whopping nine days off, including weekends.

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So if you get down to The Beach opposite JBR on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night for 8.30pm, this is what you can expect to see…

Remember, if you live in the area and have a dog give them an extra big cuddle at this time over the next few nights as the noise of fireworks freak all canines out.

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Main image: Getty