Move over two-for-one vouchers, there’s a new discount kid on the block…

While many of you may already use The Entertainer for two-for-one deals, there’s a new voucher player in town that offers 50 per cent off the total bill at various spots across the UAE.

Also, you don’t have to buy a full book or app that has some vouchers you’ll never use. The vouchers are pay-as-you-go so there’s no hefty one-off upfront cost.

How does it work? Well the VoucherSkout app is free to download, and comes with three free credits (which basically means one voucher).

When you first log in you’ll get asked to put in your phone number, you’ll be sent a verification code and then you’re ready to go.

The deals geographically close to you automatically come up – and the categories include Food, Brunch, Beauty, Sports, Kids stuff and Learning. The selection is fairly limited at the moment, but we spotted a few deals we’ll definitely go for (and we imagine the vendors will grow over time).

How much do the vouchers cost? Well, it looks like Dhs15 is the average. For instance, for Dhs15 you’ll get 50 per cent off a 60-minute facial at The Works beauty centre, 50 per cent off a meal at Sakura in the Crowne Plaza and 50 per cent off pool and beach access at Fairmont The Palm.


Fairmont The Palm – get 50 per cent off a day here.

It’s particularly good for those of you who don’t want to have to drag along a mate to get a cheap massage – you can turn up on your own and get 50 per cent off on the spot. 

Two-for-one discount service The Entertainer launched its own app in 2013 (meaning we no longer had to lug around the big ol’ book), but this new service is major competition.

Things to note…

– The deals are ALWAYS 50 per cent off, no exceptions.

Validity can be sticky, so before you buy your voucher make sure you know what days of the week the deal is valid on and what’s included and what’s not (for instance, sometimes beverages will be included, sometimes they won’t).

– You pay for each voucher but only need to do so at the time of dining – so you can buy a voucher as you order the bill. 

– You can pay for vouchers via a credit/debit card or using VoucherSkout credits (and when you first download the app you get three free credits anyway, which will score you one voucher).