Dubai is quickly becoming the mini-break and stopover favourite for the world’s rich and famous.

With so many A-listers (and, let’s be honest B-, C- and D-listers) visiting the glittering emirate every day, we bring you a weekly round up of who was spotted where.

(Well, now that summer’s over and people are venturing out again).

This week the city hosted rappers, wrestlers and basketballers with hands of magic…

Lebanese superstar singer Elissa was in the city for a few days, and she was lucky enough to score a private tour of the newly opened Dubai Opera…


Private vidit for dubai opera house with my friend @wadih_elnajjar #dubaiopera #mydubai #elissa

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Seriously, how plush are the seats? The best-selling recording artist also stayed in a pretty plush pad around the Marina (looks like Grovesnor House to us):

Hello #dubai
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The Harlem Globetrotters gave a little education in anti-bullying at some local schools…


We’re all over the ?! This week, we’re spreading our message of anti-bullying in #Dubai. #HarlemGlobetrotters #AntiBullying #90years

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The basketballing troupe also pulled some pretty sick tricks out of the bag while they were in town. (The poster in the background was so impressed it fainted).

#TrickshotTuesday from Dubai! #HarlemGlobetrotters #90years @chrishandles
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This is the only way we’d be able to twirl a bball too:


#Repost @11_cheese ・・・ Creating Memories ✨ #harlemglobetrotters #Dubai

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Even the Burj Khalifa doesn’t look quite as tall next to Harlem Globetrotter Brawley Chisholm.


Burj Khalifa #dubai

A photo posted by Brawley Chisholm (@11_cheese) on

Socialite, stylist and reality TV star Caroline Stanbury (yes, the one from Ladies of London) moved to Dubai pretty recently, and you can’t accuse her of not making the most of it…

Looks like she’s found the world’s smallest bag too.

 Pro WWE wrestler Lana swapped the ring for a night at the Four Seasons…

Another Lebanese singer had a night at Dubai Opera too – here’s Diana Haddad in her amaze gown:

Brazilian footballer Everton Ribeiro braved the humidity for a workout.

Working out w/ her. ✌?️??

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco also jetted in… it doesn’t look like he’s seen much other than the airport floor so far, but hey, at least his luggage game is strong.

And former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who’s currently in the running to be the next UN Secretary General, is in Dubai this week to talk at the Green Eco Summit…

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