Need to renew your driver’s license next month so thinking of popping by an RTA customer service centre? Think again…

You can now cancel your DEWA online and you can pay all of your bills – from Salik to Du – via one single app (MPay). Well the latest move to make life admin more of a digital process in Dubai is all about the driver’s license: as of November 27 you won’t have to visit an RTA customer service centre to renew your license. In fact, you won’t be able to renew your license there.

That’s right, from October 16 anyone under the age of 21 won’t be able to renew their driver’s license in a customer service centre. Then, from October 30 all lost or damaged licenses will have to be renewed online, from November 13 all driver experience certificates will have to be applied for online. The whole digitisation process will be complete and from November 27 no licenses will be renewed in customer service centres.

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So, need to renew your license soon? Well you’ll have to do so via either the RTA app, the RTA website, self-service Smart Kiosk Machines or via the call centre (800 9090).

Are you a bit of a Luddite that just prefers to do things in person? Well the good news is that the RTA told us over the phone that you’re now able to renew your Dubai driver’s license in an RTA-approved eye testing centre. What are the official opticians? Any Barakat Optical, Grand Optical, Yateem, Al Jaber, Dubai Optical, Emirates Optical or any Supervision.

What do you need to renew your driver’s license? Your Emirates ID and an eye test result from one of the above opticians (oh, and if you’re under 21 you don’t need the latter).

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