Dubai Miracle Garden is blossoming with this new installment…

If you haven’t yet been to Dubai Miracle Garden, you should. It’s lovely (see more pictures of the Butterfly Garden here) and there’s a new floral feat that’s just been installed there.

A life-size version of an Emirates A380 has been covered with 500,000 fresh flowers and plants. When in full bloom, the aircraft structure will have a stem count of over five million flowers, and will weigh over 100 tonnes (and only 30 tonnes of that is steel).

For reference, 100 tonnes is the weight of 40 Rolls Royce Phantoms (a lot of flowers). That makes it the largest floral sculpture ever built.

Check out this timelapse of the making of the A380 flower piece:

“Having an Emirates A380 is a great achievement for Dubai Miracle Garden and we are proud to have the floral installation of the aircraft as the world’s largest floral sculpture ever built,” said Abdel Naser Rahhal, co-founder and creator of Dubai Miracle Garden.

“This standing piece of art is a result of countless hours of brainstorming, designing and strategising to pull of the details together…

“As our motto says: We are the green masters and bloom makers, wherever we go we make it green, whatever we touch we make it bloom.”


The fully flower-powered Emirates A380

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The flowers and plants used for the giant ‘living’ A380 sculpture were sustainably grown and harvested over four months at the Dubai Miracle Garden nurseries.

As for which flowers and plants were used, the sculpture involves the Petunia, Coleus, Marigold, Snapdragon, Viola, Geranium and Gaillardia.

The Emirates logo alone was made out of over 9,000 plants and flowers, with 100,000 blossoms covering the plane’s 80.27 metre-long wings.


They weren’t joking when they said it was life-sized


The installation took over 200 crew members, working 10 hours a day for 180 days to build, layer and mount the foliage on the 30 tonne steel A380 body.

The structure itself was built from recycled materials, keeping in line with Dubai Miracle Garden’s sustainability goals.

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Images: Emirates