Ah, the Dubai Canal, we were already excited about it, but we’re officially freaking out now. Why? Well it has its very own waterfall on Sheikh Zayed Road

The city’s newest landmark and freshest waterway Dubai Canal started filling up last week, and this week it now has its very own waterfall.

That’s right, the bridge that runs over the canal as part of Sheikh Zayed Road has a flowing waterfall cascading from it.

While the canal is now a waterway, it’s still being filled to its peak and will officially ‘open’ at some point this month.

Waterfall? Yes, that’s right… Philippe Aerts, the CEO of Magical Water Fountains, has shared this video showing the water feature being tested this week:

And here’s a snap that shows the fountain being rigged (before the canal became a waterway):

24hours 7days a week in 3 shifts… Fantastic job of our Magical Water rigging team. Waterfalls starting to be a reality soon…

A photo posted by Philippe Aerts – CEO (@magicalwaterfountains) on

The waterfall is made up of 80 water pumps, and it will be sensor based so that it can turn off when boats float by underneath it (so savvy).

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Here’s another video showing the flowing ‘fall…


dubai canal

– ‘The Walk’ at Dubai Water Canal will connect with the current Jumeirah Beach running track, meaning a 7km-long continuous track for joggers.

– The area will be very safe, due to smart surveillance cameras focused on pedestrians with face-recognition technology.

– Property developments will run along both banks of the canal – with 5,345 residential units planned, as well as 948 hotel rooms. The areas will be called Gate Towers, Jumeirah and Peninsula.

– There will be four residential towers linked with Safa Park, as well as 211 residential units right on the water.

dubai canalThe Gate Towers mall is seen in the centre of this photo

– Jumeirah Beach Park will reopen, and the stretch of beach on the much-loved, currently-closed park will extend by one kilometre as it will run out over the Canal’s peninsula. The peninsula area will also feature 60 marinas, 1,817 residential units, 957 five star hotel rooms and 347 retails outlets and restaurants.

– The Gate Towers bridge at the entrance of the canal to the Arabian Gulf will feature a three-level mall that will be built above the Canal and span 300,000 square metres. The mall will hold 434 retail outlets and restaurants. The roof of the mall will be a park – yes, as in greenery, and it will look out over Safa Park.

To finish things off, here’s a stunning photo that shows the Canal before it was filled with water last week (so that carved out patch in the foreground is now filled with aqua):

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