Well this would have livened up a shopping trip…

Not a fan of a mall trawl? One shopper seemed to dislike them so much they ploughed a tank through a wall of Dubai Mall.

Think we’re joking? Here’s the video…

Alright, so it’s obviously a stunt. We mean, it did happen, but it looks like it was all staged, and the Instagram video caption did say it was for the filming of a TV show.

Which TV show, you ask? Well, it appears to be for British car show The Grand Tour.

One of the show’s presenters, Richard Hammond could be seen driving a tank around the streets for the filming of their Dubai episode. So it’s only natural that he, you know – drove it through Dubai Mall.

Sorry to burst your bubble. It wasn’t real. Dubai drivers haven’t gotten that bad. 

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The batmobile-esque tank can also be seen in another video cruising around Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard trailing a car with a camera rig and followed by a police escort. This is one famous car. 

It all reminds us of this moment

bad dubai parking

“Oh hey, I totally didn’t see you there…”

Which unfortunately was not a stunt. The person whose car is on the bottom had just popped into the Arabian Ranches Pizza Hut to pick up his order after work.

“I parked my car at the end [of the car park] where it is empty so it wouldn’t get scratches – how ironic,” the man, who wished to remain anonymous told What’s On.

“My pizza was ready so all I had to do was pay and leave, the whole process took two minutes.”

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