Drones really are the future, and this kid’s here to prove it…

Next weekend, drone and tech enthusiasts will descend upon Dubai Internet City for Drones for Good, a drone innovation competition that will see groups from around the world compete for an grand prize of Dhs1 million.

However, there’s one entrant that’s caught our eye…

Dhruv Karthik, a 17-year old Indian student from the UAE has become the youngest ever finalist to take part in Drones for Good.

Out of teams composed of university professors, robotics professionals and grad students, Karthik will run as the only individual finalist in the Drones for Good competition.


Karthik’s drone, FIREFLY can autonomously enter buildings and search for stranded people.

The inspiration behind his drone came after witnessing the New Year’s Eve fire at The Address Downtown in 2015.

Here’s a video that Karthik made where he gives a run-down of the drone’s abilities – from using thermal imaging to detect bodies through smoke, and how the drone can autonomously avoid objects.


Last February, team Loon Copter and their Aerial-Surface-Underwater Recon Drone took home the grand prize of Dhs4.6 million.

Their drone not only has aerial capabilities, but can work just as well underwater as it does above it.

The drone can be used for both aerial and underwater tasks such as investigation, surveying, oil spill tracking and more without the need for manned missions.

Here’s a video of what the Aerial-Surface-Underwater Recon Drone can do:


This year’s Drones for Good event will be held in Internet City over February 17 and 18.

Entrance is free, however the event’s timings are yet to be confirmed (we’ll keep you updated).

While some sections are a little outdated, more info on the event and its finalists can be found on the Drones for Good website.

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