You could snap up a bargain on everything from laptops and cameras to smartphones and tablets…

Dubai Police announced earlier today via Twitter that they will be holding a public auction for used items tomorrow at 11am at the Dubai Police Officer’s Club in Garhoud.


The tweet is a bit vague regarding which items will actually be up for auction so we contacted Dubai Police for a bit more information. We were told that it would largely be electronic items and gadgets including, but not limited to, laptops, tablets (we were told iPads specifically), cameras and smartphones. Watches were also mentioned as an item that would be on auction.

So what’s the source of all these potentially cut-price electronics?

Well, it turns out that the items up for auction come from the Dubai airport lost and found department.

Once an item is presented to lost and found, it is then held on to for three months before being handed over to Dubai Police for auction.

Clearly by that stage, the police feel that if the person really wanted their, say, laptop back they’d have collected it.

Either way, someone’s loss could be your gain. If you’re in the market for a decent tech bargain, this might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

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