More details have been released about the emirate’s new family-friendly entertainment centre, which is set to open on Yas Island in 2018
Fancy spending a day hanging out with Bugs Bunny, chilling with Superman in Metropolis, roaming the streets of Gotham City with Batman and screaming, “yabba dabba doo” with The Flintstones? You’ll be able to do all that, and plenty more, at Abu Dhabi’s new Warner Bros themepark.
Set to the open on Yas Island in 2018, details were released yesterday of the different worlds you’ll be able to visit in the park, and the characters you’ll be able to get up close and personal with.

The park will have six areas including DC Comics cities Metropolis (pictured above) and Gotham (below). The latter of course isn’t just home to the Bat – get ready to get scared witless by super villains such as The Joker.

There’s also Cartoon Junction (pictured below) which will be home to Hanna Barbera favourites such as Scooby-Doo and Shaggy and their iconic van The Mystery Machine.

Continuing the animation theme is Bedrock (pictured below), the prehistoric home of The Flintstones family made up of Fred, his wife Wilma and their daughter Pebbles (not to mention dinosaurs).

Finally, there’s Dynamite Gulch (below), a canyon-themed adventure town with rollercoasters and Looney Tunes cartoon characters such as Marvin The Martian.

The park will certainly be a whopper – check out the time lapse video of it being built below.

It will cover 1.65 million square feet on Yas Island, and will house 29 rides for adrenaline freaks to try. Some 5,500 specialists, engineers and workers are currently on Yas Island building it and the estimated cost of Warner Bros Abu Dhabi is $1bn.