Sometimes airplane food just doesn’t cut it, so here are a few of new spots that passed the What’s On taste test with flying colours (sorry).

Airport food usually means greasy burgers and cold fries, but here in Dubai we reckon our terminal grub is top notch. Out on international ground there are plenty of outlets you won’t find anywhere else in Dubai, too.

We’ve put together a little list to make sure you’re not disappointed by your dinner next time you’re flying through DXB…

Here are 8 of the best

1. Jones The Grocer (express)

Where is it: Next to B22 gate, Terminal 3

Those who consider the airport the realm of cheap food court-type outlets, greasy takeaways and bad coffee, think again. As of last month, you can now get artisan fare right beside your boarding gate, following the launch of the world’s first Jones The Grocer express store in Terminal 3. Keeping in line with its much-loved gourmet brand, the store offers its famous single origin coffees, baked goods, sandwiches, salads, soups and a select few hearty mains. It’s all made fresh each day, and then packaged ready for immediate takeaway – perfect for the hungry traveller.

2. The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck

Where is it: Centre of Concourse D (aka, Terminal 1)

The Austrian-born American celeb chef, restaurateur and occasional actor’s Dubai venture sits unassumingly in the corner of Terminal 1’s upstairs food court. Unassuming it may be, but overlooked it is not – The Kitchen serves up some of the best plates you’ll see in any of the terminals. The pizzas are crisp, fresh and original, the rigatoni alfredo with goat cheese cream a dairy lover’s dream, and the Scottish salmon a crisp, tender fillet that near melts in the mouth. Appetisers such as the juicy steak skewers and chopped vegetable salad are real highlights, but our favourite dish is the chocolate layer cake: a rich cocoa delight with toasted almonds and chocolate sauce. It’s also gigantic, so ask for a to-go box and save something for the plane.

3. Pret a Manger

Where is it: Centre of Concourse D (aka, Terminal 1)

All the Brits in Dubai, rejoice, for the hallowed British institution that is Pret a Manger does exist here. The only catch is, you have to be leaving or arriving out of Terminal 1 to eat there. DXB’s Pret has all the things you know and love from the UK version – the toasties, the brioche and the flat breads – but also has a few UAE twists. They also stock UAE-based pressed juice company Essentially’s little bottles of goodness, and the Vanilla Cashew variety is what we will now be forever pairing our Pret with. Fun fact: Pret is currently scouting a Dubai location in the city.

4. Seafood Restaurant

Where is it: Next to B9 gate, Terminal 3 (turn right as you come up the escalators when entering the terminal)

Though far from imaginatively named, what Terminal 3’s Seafood Restaurant lacks in branding creativity, it makes up in bountiful seafood. You’ll be handed an iPad to peruse a menu full of shellfish, bivalves and all things scaly, before the so-fresh-it-might-still-be-alive catch is dished up in front of you.

Our pick: Any of the fresh fish cooked in the tandoori oven. The fish is dusted in a deliciously spiced tandoori flavour, served with creamy mint sauce and naan bread.

Also try…

5. Butler’s Chocolate Café

Where is it: Centre of Concourse D (aka, Terminal 1)

If it’s a sugar hit you want, than it’s a sugar hit you shall have at Butler’s Café in Terminal 1. Other than the obviously tempting array of premium chocolates, they also have an eye wateringly beautiful display of cakes. Still got those elasticated pants on?

6. Giraffe

Where is it: There’s a big one in Terminal 1 (centre of Concourse D), one in A-Gates (T3) and a smaller grab and go option in the centre of Terminal 3

Dotted around the airport, if you’re in need of a healthy treat, quick smoothie, huge burger or some delicious breakfast, Giraffe is a good option.

7. Le Clos

Where is it: Next to gate A1, Terminal 3 (also in B-Gates, and in Concourse D).

If you want to sample a beverage or two before purchasing, head to Le Clos and chat with their talented somiliers for a free grape tasting.

8. Rosso Vivo

Where is it: Next to gate B28, Terminal 3

You can expect excellent, authentic, Italian-style pizza at this food-truck-like spot.

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