It’s enough to make you want to stick around in Dubai for at least three more years…

The latest feather in the design cap of Expo 2020 Dubai has just been revealed: the site will feature a huge domed trellis that will turn into a giant screen at the flick of a switch (well, we’re sure it’s more complicated than that).

The dome will be translucent, and so whatever is projected on the curved screen will be visible to both those inside and out.

See how the horses are projected onto the dome in the impression here? Well they will be huge…

We imagine there will be buildings built around the dome to give you this view…

How huge? Well, the plaza the dome sits atop will be 150 metres in diameter, which means it will be about as wide as one of the JBR buildings laid down sideways. The dome will also be 65 metres tall (about the height of a 20 storey building). So yes, that’s one big stallion.

The dome will sit over Al Wasl Plaza, which will be smack-bang in the middle of the 4.38 square kilometre Expo 2020 site. Along the plaza you’ll find restaurants, fountains and parks.

When will we get to see this take shape? Well, the heavy construction work on the Expo site is scheduled to be finished in October 2019, so the dome should start forming on the emirate’s skyline soon.

The dome will connect the expo’s three themed districts (you can read all about those here), and will also serve as a thoroughfare to the Expo’s huge metro station.

Why is it called Al Wasl, you ask? Isn’t that the name of a road that runs through Jumeirah?

Well, it’s also a perfect name for this dome and plaza as Al Wasl actually means ‘connection’ in Arabic, and is also the historical name for Dubai.

To top it all off, Al Wasl Plaza is being designed by the world-renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture – and they have a great pedigree in Dubai, Adrian Smith is the architect behind our very own Burj Khalifa.

Here’s a vision of what the dome will look like from underneath at night.

“We are creating a space that will be an architectural landmark not just for the six months of Expo but long into the future,” explained Gordon Gill.

“We want Al Wasl Plaza, with its cutting-edge design, to inspire not just our generation but many generations to come.”

After the Expo finishes in 2021, the plaza will become a focal point for development of the area, and will be used as a site for things like National Day, considering it can host 10,000 people.

There are also plans to convert the buildings around the Plaza into hotels and offices and the like.

When is Expo 2020 again? It will open its doors on October 20 2020 and will end on 10 April 2021.

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Photo: Dubai Media Office