We particularly like the way the tip of the Palm Jumeirah is used to illustrate the letter ‘W’

Dubai has some pretty spectacular views from space, the Palm Jumeirah and The World islands chief among them.

However, one Dubai resident has found a clever way to show off the city in a new light – by finding all 26 letters of the English alphabet hidden throughout Dubai’s iconic cityscape.

Using Google Earth, the video’s creator, Patrick Seamaan, meticulously maps out the letters A though Z using a birds-eye-view of everything from buildings and roads to parts of the coastline.

In the description of the video posted to Vimeo over the weekend, Seamaan notes that it took six months to put everything together citing “Curiosity, creativity, and a lot of patience” as his main motivators for the project.

He also wrote that putting the video together combined a number of his interests including typography, geography, architecture and creativity, and that “When moving to a new country, a bird’s eye view is the best way for me to understand the urban planning and road systems, which helps to know my way around pretty quickly.”

You can check out a similar video he made of Kuwait here.

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