And we got a sneak peek…

A brand-new Roseleaf Cafe is now open in the Emirates Golf Club, and we couldn’t be happier.

While we do love being surrounded by leafy greens and gardening tools at the Dubai institution’s first home in Dubai Garden Centre, we are pretty excited to see Roseleaf (and their excellent flat whites) make the move closer to the Marina side of town (where they have a bigger kitchen too).

But where exactly is this well-caffeinated haven in the midst of the sprawling green golf club oasis, you ask? It’s right beside the Fit Lab gym, in a sunny spot near the clubrooms. 

But before you get excited for your avo’ and chickpea smash, and your hunk of caramel slice, we should tell you that along with the new location, there’s also a new menu. 

The baked goods and cakes have made way for a healthier take on our Roseleaf favourites (in part, we imagine, due to being situated right beside a gym). There’s a big focus on gluten, dairy and sugar-free, while still maintaining the brand’s great-value price point. 

While the full menu won’t be up and running until after Ramadan, the friendly team there offered us a sneak peek of what’s to come – and we’re pretty excited.

One of our favourites was the turkey bresaola open-faced omelette (Dhs40), a light and fluffy sphere of eggy goodness, topped with greens, avocado and a handful of bresaola which lent a great punch of flavour.

The braised short rib (Dhs55) is a rich slab of tender meat, oozing over the sides of fresh bread. We’re not sure why we’d never indulged in a great hillock of saucy protein for our first meal of the day before, but we’re sure to be bringing it into our breakfast repertoires from this day forward.

We also got to sample several sample pots of delicious granolas and pint-sized pannacottas; tasters and components of meals to come, we are told.  

While we’re sure this will have you unable to wait the two weeks until after Ramadan for a taste of Roseleaf 2.0, you can still pop by now for a great coffee and counter goodies.

What will you find there now? Well, there are chocolate espresso cakes with raspberry sherbert, protein balls, and gluten-free chocolate brownies. 

The opening hours over Ramadan are 7am to 4pm (that may change next month), for more call (04) 355 5241 or visit the website.

Here’s what the original Roseleaf in Dubai Garden Centre looks like…

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