Because good wi-fi + airport boredom = ultimate Instagram stalking time.

Earlier this year, Dubai Airports claimed to have the world’s fastest free airport wi-fi. Now, a new study by an independent internet speed testing site appears to back that up.

With an average download speed of 39.50 Mbps, Ookla reported that Dubai International Airport “has the fastest wi-fi we’ve seen at any airport in Asia, Europe or Africa.” 

There’s more good news for Dubai travellers too, as Emirates has expanded its free inflight wi-fi service. The new offering, which comes into effect immediately, means economy class customers can now enjoy 20MB of free data usage within the first two hours of logging in.

That’s double the 10MB free data that was offered up until now.

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The airline is also offering upgraded benefits to all members of their frequent flyer programme, Emirates Skywards. Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold members can access free unlimited wi-fi during their flight, regardless of their class of travel. This also extends to all regular Skywards members travelling in First and Business class.

Passengers can also purchase additional data in 150MB or 500MB blocks. These will come with tiered discounts for Skywards silver and blue members, with up to 50% off. 

Today, wi-fi services are available on more than 200 Emirates aircrafts, and it is a service the airline says it continues to subsidise heavily.

“Inflight wi-fi usage, already popular from the start, has grown tremendously. Our new inflight wi-fi plans reflect Emirates’ commitment to continue providing this as a free service for as many customers as possible, especially to our most frequent flyers,” said Emirates vice president Adel Al Redha.

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