Sensors in the cab will be able to tell once you’ve entered the vehicle

The RTA has announced that it plans to have all Dubai Taxis fitted with a new smart meter system by June 2018.

This is in an effort to greatly improve not only the drivers ability to get you from point A to B, but also streamline their experience when it comes to clocking in and out of a shift and taking regular driving breaks.

Currently, the RTA’s Public Transport Authority has already completed the installation of 4,850 devices since the end of June 2017. That number is expected to increase to 7,850 devices by December 2017, with the entire fleet of 10,550 vehicles sporting the new meters by the middle of next year.

The project is estimated to cost a total of Dhs68.8 million.

So, what kind of upgrades can we expect to see?

-The new smart meter will be integrated with Dubai Geographic Addressing System (Makani), complete with updated maps, which should improve navigation around the city.

Salik will be automatically calculated whenever a cab passes through a toll gate without needing input from the driver.

-The meter will be linked to optical sensors in the vehicle that can tell when a passenger enters a cab, starting the meter automatically in case a driver forgets.

-Cab drivers will be able to log 90-minute flexible breaks as well as an end-of-shift pop-up feature that ensures they are not hailed during the final 45 minutes of their shift.

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Image: supplied