Thought there was zero chance of rain at this time of year? Think again…

The UAE is well and truly ensconced in the summer season, with some of the hottest, driest days still to come. The rainy spells of earlier this year may feel like a very distant memory – but incredibly, parts of the country are still experiencing some pretty crazy weather.

The Al Shuwaib and Al Madam regions enjoyed a decent downpour on Monday, as videos from local weather website show.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) also shared this video, after earlier forecasting “convective cloud formation associated with rainfall” in the area:

Here is a map that shows where Al Shuwaib is (highlighted in red):

As you can tell by this graph from the NCMS, rainfall in the UAE is extremely rare (read: practically unheard of) between May and October.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dubai will be getting a reprieve from the scorching heat anytime soon. The NCMS forecast says it will be “hot to very hot in general” this week, with coastal temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius and humidity peaking at 90 per cent. Ew.

Maybe it’s time for a road trip to Al Shuwaib?

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