The Middle East’s biggest paintball arena opened earlier this year. And the best news? It’s located in Abu Dhabi

Paintball fans have a new place to go and splatter their mates: Battle Park UAE is the latest paintball and airsoft park to open in the Middle East, and what’s more, it’s also the region’s biggest – its themed playing fields cover a whopping half a million square feet of land in Ghantoot.

You’ll find it near to Blue Marlin Ibiza and there are six themed zones inside. Zombie Wars takes place on a playing field full of gravestones, while Urban features a selection of small houses soldiers can duck in and out of to gain a tactical advantage over opponents. Castle Siege is full of tunnels, while Junkyard is littered with car wrecks that players use for cover. They also have an indoor area, which we think you’ll appreciate during summer.

There are several packages available to wannabe Rambos, with names such as Infantry, Ranger and Mercenary. The Infantry package costs Dhs80 and you get 100 paintballs in the price, plus overalls, a mask, a chest protector and unlimited CO2 for your gun. The most expensive package, Mercenary, costs Dhs450 and you get 1,000 paintballs in the price, overalls and a mask and chest protector, but you also get a neck protector, padded gloves and a drink as well.
Battle Park UAE, Ghantoot, Abu Dhabi, Mon to Fri 8am to 10pm, Sat 8am to midnight, Sun 8am to
2pm, Dhs80 to Dhs450. Tel: (056) 4062999. Taxi: Ghantoot, near the Golden Tulip hotel.

Load your weapons: Four more to try

01) Al Forsan Sports Resort

Abu Dhabi’s sports complex has a rifle range, a handgun range, a clay pigeon shooting range, laser simulators and an indoor paintball zone, meaning you can pepper your mates with paint pellets while staying cool in the aircon.

02) Soft Air Battle Zone, Yas Mall

Yas Mall’s shooting range uses Airsoft BB bullets, meaning you won’t go home covered in bruises. The real fun here is if you turn up with a gaggle of friends for one of its group battles – you’ll have to navigate a course and capture flags from rival teams.

03) Armed Forces Officers’ Club

In the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi you’ll find a paintball field, plus an Abu Dhabi institution – the Caracal Shooting Club. It has a 25mm shooting range inside and offers lessons to beginners and expert shooters.

04) Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting And Golf Club

A shooting range, plus beginner and expert private lessons are available. It has an indoor range, with 10m, 25m and 50m shooting ranges, plus a range where you can use a 9mm pistol. There’s also a more sedate laser simulator for kids aged 12 and over.

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