Want to learn a new skill this summer? The art centre at Mina Port is holding 50 summer camp classes on a variety of subjects, from table decorating to painting and lots more

Summer camps in Abu Dhabi usually fall into two categories – the ones where kids make cupcakes and jump into hotel swimming pools, or the ones called ‘boot’ where grown-ups throw tyres around and run up flights of stairs in the boiling heat. This summer, though, both kids and adults have a third option – Summer Camp at art gallery and creative space Warehouse421. A variety of sessions will be available covering topics such as yoga, ceramics, 3D printing, table decorating, board games and aboriginal art. All in all, Warehouse421 is holding more than 50 workshops and sessions – that’s far too many to list here, but here’s a selection that caught our eye.

For kids:

01) Henna Hands

Kids aged five to 12 will trace their hands in clay and then use tools to create henna patterns.
When: August 1, 10am to noon
How much? Dhs125

02) Table Decorating

The Emirati ladies who own cool café No.FiftySeven (Alamira Noor Bani Hashim and Buthaina Al Mazrui) will show you how you can transform a dining table using materials and accessories. It’s suitable for teens aged 13 and above and adults.
When: July 20, 3pm to 6pm
How much? Dhs50

03) Aboriginal Art

Kids aged five to 12 can learn how to make dot paintings – it’s an art form used by aborigines to tell stories.
When: July 23, 10am to noon
How much? Dhs125

04) Batik painting

Java, an island off the coast of Indonesia, is legendary for its batik paintings. They’re patterns on pieces of cloth that are made with wax and dyes. At this session, kids will create images of fauna and flora.
When: August 10, 10am to noon
How much? Dhs125

For adults:

01) Speed Sisters

Speed Sisters is a documentary about the Middle East’s first all-women racing car team. They spend their nights burning rubber in Palestine’s street racing scene, a world notoriously male dominated.
When: July 29, 7pm to 10pm
How much? Free

02) DJ Workshop

Learn how to spin the wheels of steel – DJ Neo of Studio9 Productions will teach you how to make mixtapes and how to scratch that vinyl, hip-hop style.
When: July 26, 7pm to 10pm
How much? Dhs50

03) Introduction To 3D Printing

By the end of this session you’ll have made a 3D model that you can take home. It’s suitable for those of you 16 years old and above.
When: July 19, 7pm to 10pm
How much? Dhs50

04) Yoga Basics

A class for wannabe yogis aged 16 and over, taught by an instructor from Bodytree Studio. You’ll learn how to strengthen those core muscles.
When: July 18, 25, August 1, 7pm to 10pm
How much? Dhs50

July 16 to August 10
Warehouse421, Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi. Taxi: Warehouse421 next to COOP in Mina Zayed. warehouse421.ae

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