From vacuum-packed treatments to workouts with limited air supply, here are seven unique wellbeing trends for men to try in Dubai…

The face of male wellness was once a greased-up Adonis, hulking out of his singlet with biceps to rival Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1980. It left many men feeling like John Connor in a world of Terminators but, thankfully, all of that has changed.

We’re all a lot more educated now and waving hasta la vista to the notion that excessively pumping iron is the only way to be fit, healthy and manly. The new model of masculinity has a much friendlier face, and the men of Dubai can now participate in Pilates or cleanse their colons without fear of judgement.

Here are seven wellness trends that lads should not be embarrassed to try in Dubai…

01. Try: Pilates

Where: Pure Pilates Dubai

What is it: Did you know it was actually a man who created Pilates? Joseph Pilates was the (now rather rich) person responsible for starting the global trend.

Using a mat or special equipment to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture, more and more men are becoming disciples of Joe.

Pure Pilates Dubai provides an evolved version of the original concept, which helps to develop under-worked muscles, increase core strength and enhance clarity and awareness.

Pure Pilates Dubai has proven particularly popular among professional athletes from polo and rugby players, to triathletes who are looking to fine-tune performance.

In short: Stretch yourself to your limits and reap the rewards in recovery.

C3-4, 19th Floor I-Rise Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai, Sun to Thur 8am to 7.30pm, Dhs220, Dhs150 group classes. Tel: (04) 2767658. Metro: Dubai Internet City.

02. Try: High Altitude Training

Where: Talise Fitness, Madinat Jumeirah

What is it? Perfect for those who have dreamed of tackling Kilimanjaro or Machu Picchu but can’t really be bothered with all that pesky organisation. Referred to as ‘legal doping’ because of its ability to boost oxygen carrying red blood cells, altitude training has moved from the domain of elite athletes to the average Joe. It increases heart and breathing rates, meaning muscles have to work harder. A 45-minute session is equal in cardio terms to a normal 90-minute workout. That’s a 2-4-1 offer we can definitely get on board with.

In short: Thinning the air to help you hit new fitness heights.

Talise Fitness, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, Sun to Thur 5.30am to 10.30pm, Dhs360. Tel: (04) 3666821 Taxi: Madinat Jumeirah.

03. Try: Colon Hydrotherapy

Where: Wellness with Kay, The Chiron Clinic

What is it? A staple of celebrities for some time, ‘colonics’ have traditionally been more popular with women. But led by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, more men are giving it a go. Colon Hydrotherapy aims to improve digestive wellness, dispelling toxins via a high-tech sucking mechanism that resembles the flux capacitor in Back To The Future. “I like treating men as they listen and ask questions,” says nutritionist Kay Bodanza, who specialises in the procedure. “They are also a lot more compliant with the pre- and post-treatment nutrition homework.”

In short: Designer drainage that leaves you physically empty but feeling full of beans.

The Chiron Clinic, Sun to Thur from 9am, Sat 9am to 1pm, Dhs850, Tel: (04) 3497444. Taxi: near City Walk.

04. Try: Targeted Body Shaping

Where: Bodysmart

What is it: Designed to target the sort of stubborn fat that’s as likely to shift as a Sharjah traffic jam on a Thursday night, BodySmart uses several technological tools including Hypoxi – an active training method three times more effective than traditional exercise. It combines 30 minutes of low-impact exercise with advanced vacuum and compression technology. Participants are tightly sealed into either a treadmill or bike unit via a lycra suit.

In short: Vacuum-pack yourself and say bye to belly fat.

Meadows Town Centre, Dubai, Sun to Wed 8am to 9pm, Thur and Sat 8am to 4pm, Dhs2,000 for 12 sessions. Tel: (04) 3638318. Taxi: Meadows Town Centre.

05. Try: Sound Meditation

Where: Miracles Wellness Centre

What is it? Also known as ‘gong meditation’, it takes listening to pan pipes in the bath to a whole new level. Mattresses, pillows and blankets line the floor of the studio. What follows is a live, acoustic session provided by an orchestra of Nepalese ‘singing bowls’. It is the perfect soundtrack for an hour of meditative bliss and, if embraced, can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

In short: Fostering a sense of inner peace, one soundwave at a time.

Icon Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai, Sun to Sat 9am to 9pm, Dhs85. Tel: (04) 3639307.  Metro: Internet City.

06. Try: A Stressbusting Massage

Where: One&Only Spa, One&Only Royal Mirage

What is it: For those men who still fear being emasculated by going to spas, it’s time to wake up and smell those lovely lavender-scented candles. To ease the minds of sceptical fellas, One&Only Spa is offering male-specific treatments including a 50-minute massage, a 50-minute facial and a 110-minute ‘Stressbuster Body Treatment’ (Dhs850). It begins with a body exfoliation before stones are placed along vital energy points of the body.

In short: A manly massage that eases tension.

One&Only Spa, One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai, Sun to Sat 9.30am to 8pm. Tel: (04) 3152140 Taxi: One&Only Royal Mirage.

07. Try: DNA Testing

Where: Your own home

What is it? It turns out DNA profiling isn’t just reserved
for those men in white overalls on Making A Murderer. With a simple mouth swab, DNAFit can get to the very essence of people’s physiology. The unique genetic code of a person in relation to exercise, nutrition and wellbeing is identified and fitness programmes are specially designed to bring lasting improvements to health. DNAFitKit can be delivered anywhere in the UAE and it costs Dhs1,850.

In short: Improve your dietary intake by better understanding your genetic response to food and nutrients, to help achieve your body goals. That’s genetically modified fitness, that’s as bespoke a nutrition programme as there can be.

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