It’s over 4 feet tall and covered in 75 grams of edible gold

Remember last month when we told you about that bonkers Game of Thrones cake that cost Dhs100,000?

Well, it looks like the Dubai bakery that concocted it, Broadway Bakers, has outdone themselves with another ambitious project.

Their latest marzipan-covered masterpiece, commissioned by a private client in celebration of India’s 71st independence day next week, depicts a scene from the 2016 Bollywood film Dangal of popular actor Aamir Khan watching over his two on-screen daughters as they train for the Olympics.

The price? A cool Dhs147,000. Ouch.

So, what exactly makes it so expensive? It seems that the medals at the front of the cake (replicas of the medal won by freestyle wrestler Geeta Phogat at the 2010 Commonwealth Games) are each coated in 75 grams of edible gold.

Standing at over 4ft tall and weighing 54kg, it is also made from a combination of sugar fondant, chocolate sponge, ganache, Belgian chocolate and demerara sugar. Oh, and it can feed upwards of 240 people.

As with their previous effort, the bakery has released an epic video showing the cake being painstakingly put together:

The cake is 100 per cent edible – right down to the wooden hut, grass and Aamir Khan himself – and took Broadway Bakery’s team three and half weeks and 1,200 man hours to complete.

As with most things in Dubai, it’s being dubbed as “the world’s most expensive” cake, and while this list would beg to differ, there’s no denying that it’s still an incredibly impressive feat.

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Images: Supplied