Because dreaming is free…

Fantasy real estate is one of our favourite games. After all, there’s no shortage of luxury properties in Dubai to daydream about. Whether you fancy a palace on The Palm or a suite in the sky, no property wish is too outrageous – as long as you have the cash.

With the critical eye of a billionaire real estate mogul, we’ve hunted down 10 of the most expensive homes on the market right now, for your viewing pleasure.

Which one would you choose if you found yourself with some unexpectedly deep pockets?

1. Palm Jumeirah: Dhs219,000,000

Minimalists, avert your eyes. With a plot size of just over 60,000 square feet, this absolute beast of a property is one of the largest on The Palm. It boasts 11 bedrooms, a 16-seat private cinema, a private basement nightclub, and a garage with space for 14 cars (we’re willing to bet the garage alone is bigger than our entire current apartment).

2. Emirates Hills: Dhs128,000,000

We’re getting strong five-star vibes from this opulent eight-bedroom mansion, designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon – the same guy behind the Savoy Hotel in London, and the Four Seasons George V in Paris. If we lived here, we would just be waltzing around the house in a white bathrobe and slippers, 24/7.

3. Emirates Hills: Dhs125,000,000

This swanky home in Emirates hills has a plethora of appealing features – a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a rooftop bar, and an aquarium – but it’s the 269-square-foot walk-in wardrobe that we’ve really fallen in love with. Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out.

4. Emirates Hills: Dhs119,000,000

With eight bedrooms, a cinema, spa, wine cellar, entertainment area and pool house, there’s plenty to keep everyone occupied in this “well-designed family home”. If our family home looked like this, we probably would never have moved out.

5. Burj Khalifa: Dhs102,000,000

Ok, so it needs a little bit of decorating. But how cool would you feel telling people you live in the LARGEST penthouse in the world’s TALLEST tower? No one needs to know you’re camping on the floor in your sleeping bag…

6. Palm Jumeirah: Dhs85,000,000

If you want to live out your Taylor Swift-inspired swan float dreams, you could do worse than this flash modern villa on Palm Jumeirah. The infinity pool is said to be one of the largest on The Palm… right, that’s it, we’re getting two swans. #swangoals

7. Emirates Hills: Dhs85,000,000

Here’s another pool we would be prepared to pay big dizzas for. It belongs to this stunning contemporary villa in Emirates Hills, which also boasts eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a relaxation area and massage room, and space for a private cinema. Keeping it casual.

8. Jumeirah Lakes Towers: Dhs80,000,000

Who said JLT wasn’t posh? This luxe penthouse has six bedrooms with walk-in closets, its own private elevator and reception service, jacuzzi, sauna, and games room. Check out that marble flooring… you could definitely do some epic socks skidding. Plus, it comes decorated as is (yep, tiger rug included).

9. Burj Khalifa: Dhs70,000,000

Now, this is fresh. It’s another penthouse going in the Burj, but this one actually comes furnished (apparently it’s won several design awards to boot). It’s very beautiful, but we would 100 per cent be too afraid to sit down anywhere. Definitely a “shoes off” household.

10. Dubai Marina: Dhs49,410,000

This gorgeous penthouse is available at the tippy top of Dubai Marina’s Elite Residence, and well, the name says it all. The lucky homeowner will enjoy 12,469 square feet of living space, including six bedrooms and an indoor pool. That poor stag head, having to look at those hideous panoramic views all day…

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