And that’s just up until the end of high school… 

A new study has shown that the average cost of putting a child through pre-primary, primary and secondary school in the UAE is now Dhs528,486. Yes, that’s per person.

This amount does not include extra costs involved in education either – and we all know these add up: things like books, trips, uniforms and after-school activities.

Add in the cost of three years at a British university (as an example) and your cost per child then goes up to Dhs938,599.

(We best start saving.)

The research has discovered that 64% of parents are willing to go into debt to fund their child’s education.

The study comes from Zurich Middle East, an insurance company. They also did a survey to find out what the most popular university degree areas were for children in the UAE – and they found that they were medicine, computer science, business and management, finance and accounting, and engineering.

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Here are the average fees for those courses (for universities in the US and UK, which is where many children go onto from high school in the UAE):

Worried about funding your little one’s education? Zurich has a savings calculator here where you can figure out how much you’ll need to save.

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