We love this story of a desert rescue (with a side of Emirati hospitality thrown in).

This weekend two European men went for a desert motocross ride (which must have been hot), and their day took a turn for the worse when they ran out of fuel in the middle of the dunes in the Al Dhaid area.

They soon ran out of water and were likely getting very panicked, but thankfully, an Emirati man passed by in a 4×4 and quickly came to their rescue.

Ali Rashid called the police, and then provided the men first aid while they waited for patrols, who took them back to Dhaid town.

Rashid insisted that the men then stop by his house for food and water before they made the drive back to Dubai.

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Remember, if the men had been in the desert for long without water or shade, their health would have been in serious danger.

Sharjah Police shared the whole story on their social media channels this weekend, and while they didn’t name the two motocross riders, the men are seen happily posing with Ali Rashid after their rescue (above), and were pictured at his house afterwards (below).

The men rehydrate at Ali Rashid’s house

The men were found in the desert in between Al Rufaia and Al Hoba in Al Dhaid. Here’s where Al Dhaid is to give you context:

The story reminds us of how, whenever we’ve found ourselves stuck in the sand or in a spot of bother, a UAE citizen or resident has always been there to help.

And that’s something we truly love about this community… 

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Images: Sharjah Police/Facebook