But it comes with a pretty hefty price tag…

One of the nicest parts of Dubai’s heritage is being able to cross the creek on an abra for just Dhs1.

However, did you know that the RTA also offers the option to rent out one of the iconic wooden boats (albeit a modernised version with enhanced safety standards) for those looking for private passage across the creek?

The catch? it’s not exactly a cheap proposition. An hourly rental of the motorised boat – which can accommodate up to 20 passengers and includes a qualified driver – will set you back Dhs580 per hour.

If you think that’s a little steep, then you might want to look away now.

The daily rate for hire is a cool Dhs5,100 per day, and if you want one for an entire month, be prepared to shell out Dhs151,800. Ouch.

Sure, those prices might make your bank account groan, but for the few out there who can actually afford it, it sure would be the perfect way to cross Dubai Creek in style.

Click here to find out more, but for the rest of us we’ll just stick to Dhs1 trips back and forth, thank you very much.

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