There’s a fresh mall in Mirdif. Here’s what you’ll find in there…

Dubai has plenty of mega malls, and lots of strip malls, but a new spot off of Al Khawaneej Street called Mirdif 35 feels unique thanks to its blend of boutique and homegrown brands.

It opened in April, but shops there still continue to open. Here’s what it looks like from the outside…

Located in the heart of Mirdif, just off of Al Khawaneej Street (basically opposite Arabian Centre), there are boutique barbers, holistic health centres, a Japanese bakery and a bespoke children’s gift-wrapping store in the cute new mall. There are also several beauty salons, cosmetic health and wellness centres (and a Pilates studio will open soon).

Here’s just some of what you’ll find inside the new mall… 

Hair Garage

Kitted out to look like, you guessed it, a garage, this bespoke barbers offers both haircuts and facial hair styling for guys. There’s a personal approach to service, and you can expect to enjoy a traditional Turkish coffee with your trim.

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This industrial looking coffee bar serves up specialty coffee, and only coffee. It’s got a neon sign emblazoned with ‘life begins after coffee’, and when ordering a brew there you can select your own coffee beans from a variety of brands.

Innovative Fitness

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This boutique fitness studio offers classes, including Prama, an interactive-style body weight workout that sees you dancing around chasing neon lights (it sounds fun and it is).

Maska Wraps

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Move over Martha Stewart: this upscale wrapping service is a present-giving paradise. The third branch of the luxury gift-wrapping store in Dubai, Maska uses a collection of different fabric wraps and combines them with accessories to make the gift wrap as thoughtful as the present.


Described as a wholesome neighbourhood eatery, Menangerie cafe serves a range of superfood bowls, and offers a range of vegan, raw, gluten and dairy free alternatives to traditional dishes.

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Rise Fitness Boutique

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Another boutique fitness studio that specialises in dance and yoga classes, and also offers circuit classes.


Burgers, pasta, fries – if it’s full-on comfort food you’re after, you’ll find it at this restaurant (which is also in Jumeirah and Muscat).

Organic Foods & Cafe

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This organic supermarket is a Dubai legend – there’s one on Sheikh Zayed Road, one in Jumeirah, and now those of you up the Mirdif end of town can shop their healthy aisles too.


This is a Japanese sweet shop serving everything from super-cute cakes to Sakura lattes. Head here for three other Japanese bakeries in Dubai to try.

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