Feeling lethargic and in need of a reboot? Going on a detox could be the answer to all your problems. There are plenty of specially designed meal plans available in the capital that can help you discover a brand new you


Pura is a chef-owned meal prep company that provides healthy food to your home. Their plans are personalised to your body type, weight and goals to achieve results. Two sorts of people use Pura: fitness fanatics who either know about their macros but don’t have the time to meal prep, and people who have no idea about their food requirements.
The What’s On verdict: after one month, our What’s On tester lost 3.8 per cent of body fat. The dishes are tasty and you control your menu, so it was never boring. Plans start from Dhs2,400 for four weeks (four meals a day, five days a week).

Organic Press Eats

With the assistance of chef Hayley Mac, original founder of Be Super Natural, the Dubai-based juice company Organic Press is now offering healthy food deliveries. In an attempt to make vegan food available all over the UAE, the new delivery concept brings her food to your doorstep (yes, they deliver to Abu Dhabi). Each daily pack includes three full vegan meals, one snack, two juices and one detox infused herbal tea. All meals are plant-based, gluten- and dairy-free, and organic.

Detox Delight

Another online delivery company, Detox Delight are big on juice cleanses and healthy snacks such as kale chips, but they also offer a clean eating plan. While the Eat Lean Delight will help you detox, it is mainly aimed at people who want to lose weight in a hurry. The 100 per cent vegan and gluten-free diet will see you consume a maximum of just 800 to 1,000 calories a day. You’ll get three meals daily, including a superfood bowl for breakfast (such as the Antioxidant Bomb, made with raspberries, beetroot and acai berries). The lunch menu features dishes such as spicy sweet potato bowl and a summer salad with lime flavoured popcorn, while for dinner you can try Cajun-style barbecue. The menu is made up of organic ingredients and focuses more on veg than fruit, so that your sugar intake is kept low. The Eat Lean Delight plan costs Dhs329 a day and they have ten different daily meal plans.

The Raw Place

With four locations in Abu Dhabi, including in the WTC Mall and at Al Muneera Beach Plaza, The Raw Place is a good place to visit if you’re after healthy juices and main dishes as well. You can order juices such as the Heart Beet (beetroot, carrot, pear, apple, lemon and ginger) and meals such as red lentil soup, gluten-free banana bread and an avocado and quinoa salad bowl.



It’s all about the juices at Essentially – they offer one-, three-, five-, seven- and ten-day juicing plans, but also offer a Clean Eats Meal Plan, for those of you who like to include solid food in your diet as well. The juices on offer include Vanilla Cashew, Spicy Lemon, Black Lemonade (with activated charcoal) and Deep Green (cucumber, black kale, chard, parsley, lemon, lime, ginger). Most of the juices are rich in antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals.

Right Bite

Dubai-based Right Bite deliver meal plans all over the UAE, including to Abu Dhabi. You can choose from a variety of plans (such as weight loss, wheat-free, dairy-free, detox, low carb and more) and you get three daily meals, plus snacks to keep you going, and all items come in boxes with calorie counts, plus a nutritional breakdown. Most of the plans are based on three balanced meals, unless you opt for the detox plans – then you’ll be expected to have a few juices for breakfast and dinner, although you still get to eat real food on those days as well. Expect to pay around Dhs155 to Dhs193 per day.
The What’s On verdict: we tried Right Bite’s Cleanse menu for three days (although it’s recommended you try it for two weeks) and were impressed. The food was of a high quality and the variety was key – dieting or detoxing can be boring if you feel you have to avoid certain foods, but mains such as grilled squid stuffed with quinoa served on saffron mash meant eating was never a chore. Having the calorie count marked on each bit of grub is massively useful, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. We were also impressed by their customer service – we had a query about the calorie count of a portion of breakfast muffins. After dropping Right Bite an e-mail, we received a phone call and an e-mail reply.


Basiligo is based in Mussafah (although they are about to open a branch on Reem Island as well) and is a food delivery service. They have a menu of regularly rotating and changing dishes featuring salads, soups, wraps and more substantial mains, but they’ve also just launched a Healthy Clean Eating Menu Plan for summer. Food is delivered daily and you can choose either a weekly or monthly plan. You then get to select your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks and dishes on offer include tomato, basil and spinach quiche, angus beef tenderloin with roasted vegetables, plus snacks such as green apple slices with cashew butter. All their meal plans are gluten and dairy free, and they’ll also cater to veggie, vegans and people on the paleo ‘caveman’ diet. Prices range from Dhs155 to Dhs170 a day, depending on the type of plan you choose.

Greenheart Organic Farms

There are many benefits to eating organic veg – they’re grown with natural fertilisers as opposed to chemicals, for starters. Greenheart Organic Farms, based in Dubai, now deliver to Abu Dhabi and every week they sell mixed boxes of fresh fruit and veg, with prices ranging from Dhs60 to Dhs170 for a family box. They also sell organic mueslis, pastas and oils, plus gluten-free goods.

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