Astronomy enthusiasts will be over the moon at this news…

Cameras at the ready: There’s going to be a partial lunar eclipse tonight, and we’re going to be able to witness it right here in the UAE.

The phenomenon, which occurs when Earth moves between the sun and the moon (but not in a totally straight line – that’s when we experience a total lunar eclipse), will be visible from 7.50pm to 11.21pm, according to the Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomical Centre.

Part of the moon’s surface will be covered by Earth’s shadow, also known as the umbra. Basically, it will look like someone has taken a bite out of the moon. Like this:

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Want to check it out? The Dubai Astronomy Group is inviting sky-gazers to join them at the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Mushrif Park from 8pm. Entry is free, and everyone is welcome (you can find out more on the group’s website).

Lunar events have made for some pretty impressive photo opportunities in Dubai. Remember the supermoon last November?

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And who could forget the Crown Prince of Dubai’s stunning effort back in 2014?

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We’re looking forward to seeing what these celestial snappers come up with tonight…

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