… and all we got was a sweaty t-shirt…

There’s a video floating around the internet this week that shows a man frying an egg on a sidewalk in Dubai, and very quickly at that. Here it is…

The video claims that the pan had only been outside for 10 minutes before the attempt, and yet you can see the whites of the egg starting to cook in a matter of seconds. It all seemed a bit fishy (or eggy?) to us, so we decided to test it out.

Here’s how it went (spoiler alert: not well)…

We tried to fry an egg on a Dubai sidewalk ?? and… ?☀️?

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Bill Nye The Science Guy says a surface needs to be at least 55 degrees Celsius for an egg to cook, and even then it takes a whole 20 minutes. Also, as the room temperature egg hits the pavement, it cools the surface, making it even harder to cook.

Our guess is that in the original video the pan and/or oil was heated up on a stove before hitting the pavement, giving the egg enough temperature momentum to sizzle. But again, we don’t know, maybe they just found a steamier pavement than we did.

While Dubai regularly hits temperatures in the 40s throughout July and August, it doesn’t ever sit around the mid-50s temperature-wise. In fact, the highest temperature recorded at a Dubai weather station over the past few decades was 48.5 degrees Celsius (in August).

Apparently a more likely scenario is for an egg to cook on a car hood – as the metallic surface conducts heat far more easily. Maybe we’ll try that next? We just need to recover from our dehydration from this last attempt.

But the whole stunt isn’t a new thing – in fact, park rangers in Death Valley in California (one of the hottest places on earth) had to put a call out to tell people to stop frying eggs on the ground after they kept finding yolks strewn around the area.


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